Even though introduced as being a short-term expression of youthful enthusiasm, Romeo and Juliet?s really enjoy for every other eventually wins greater than each individual kind of social constraints

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Romeo and Juliet Defined

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare makes utilization of two lovers, Juliet and Romeo’s story. Juliet is a young woman who drops in love. However, when he dies suddenly, she is left . Because they cannot stand the rejection of Juliet romeo, who knows his true love continues to be living, is still left in a very miserable scenario.

Therefore, if one is always to come across a cause for this, he or she must know that it is maybe perhaps not due to whatever that’s this other’s mistake. In case the alternative is not interested in him Because of this really isn’t the mistake of a person. She or he simply may be unwilling to stay.

Love is much like that. One may be attracted to someone, but they are not willing to wait for that person to take action. Love is like that. Love has no choice in the matter.

Juliet, however, is another story. She seems to have gone mad when her love goes away. Her sister Anne and mother Desdemona are determined to get revenge on her. And so they do. They poison her and then set the house on fire.

Juliet expires. She’s buried in a graveyard at a basement below her home. And afterwards her ashes sprinkled all over the planet.

The conflict involving individual dreams and social institutions can be a recurrent theme

How can Juliet die? After the poisoning, two guys arrived to collect her or her remains. At firstthey believe that this area is a cemetery. Some of them recognizes that the head of the good companion, Romeo, that was killed in the storyline.

They note that a little girl named Flora Peggotty is mourning in the grave as the corpse is being carried by them. She informs them about the three witches’ story. They leave and also the tiny girl informs Flora that the precise spot where the remains of Juliet are all buried.

Once more, the story of Romeo and Juliet is told, but this time it is told in a faraway land in which the entire story takes place in time. And so, they tell the story as if it were happening in the present day. The children watch the story unfold from afar.

The concept of violence also plays a major function while in the play

One of the children who watched the play remembers a line from Romeo and Juliet and comes up with the idea of committing the murder. This is the time when Juliet comes to visit the witches. She asks them to help her get revenge. She begs them to stop the witch’s plan to kill her.

When the witches agree to help her, one of them transforms herself into a swan and flies off. She turns into a white swan, then a dove and finally, a dove with a gold ring, which when placed on the white swan’s breast, turns her into a gold bird.

She returns to the witches and they make her the swan that she had been looking for all along. Then, the last scene shows that the witches have transformed the swan into a golden lute. When the lute is played, the witch’s lute falls to the ground and shatters into pieces.

With the help of the game, the murder of Juliet is prevented. In fact, it was prevented by the intervention of one of the children, who once again gave a lesson to children in making life better for themselves. It is a lesson that children can all learn. and take to heart.

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